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Live Rutacam #2

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From our Research & Development labs, the Rutacam shows an experiment [dubbed ARSI-9] in progress: these genetically-engineered rutabagas have been stored for 98 months under precisely-controlled laboratory conditions. ARSI rutabotanists hope that this new variety will retain its freshness for up to 5 years in the average refrigerator. Check back often on this exciting venture into the very cusp of modern science. [Learn more about the experiment and don't forget to visit the similar experiment shown in Live Rutacam #1 on our blog.]

NEWSFLASH November 4, 2006: Is Bertrand ("Experimental Subject No. A9-2") suffering from incipient root rot? A recent CAT (computer-aided tomography) scan was inconclusive and will be repeated in a week. A small fungal infection was noted about 54 mm. beneath the surface at co-ordinates 45 32'24.28" north, 123 07'58.64" west. A dramatic change in albedo (reflectivity or surface color) has been deemed "not definitive" by ARSI researchers.

NEWSFLASH November 5, 2006: A team of botanical surgeons, using advanced laparoscopic techniques, excised the suspected fungal growth from beneath Bertrand's western hemisphere. The fungal disease, commonly known as "root rot," was apparently localized and further treatment may not be necessary. Cosmetic surgeons repaired the small wound and returned Bertrand to ARSI-9, where he is reported "resting comfortably." We apologize for the webcam's brief shutdown, for humane reasons, during surgery.

More About the Live RUTACAM and the ARSI-9 Experiment:

Our state-of-the-art streaming Rutacam is located in ARSI-9, one of the experimental laboratories at our International Headquarters in Forest Grove, Oregon. The three genetically-engineered rutabagas are carefully monitored, 24 hours a day, by trained rutabotanists. The rutabagas are stored at a constant 2.14 degrees Celsius on turf that provides consistent humidity and the appropriate oxygen/carbon dioxide balance.

The bar on the right side of the streaming image is color-coded to indicate temperature: white indicates optimum, red indicates excess warmth and blue indicates excess cold. Illumination is constant to ensure that subtle changes in the stored rutabagas will be detected immediately. The experiment is scheduled to end on June 16, 2008, the 104th Anniversary of Our Founder's birth.

What is the potential value of this experiment? First, studies reveal that rutabagas actually sweeten with age as complex carbohydrates slowly break down into simple sugars. Second, market analysis reveals that consumers tend to leave rutabagas unattended in their refrigerators for long periods. It is important, therefore, that they retain their freshness indefinitely. Third, a Polish vodka distiller has expressed serious interest in developing a product from rutabagas with a higher sugar content.

Many visitors have asked the obvious question: "How did they get their names?" ARSI President for Life Obie MacAroon III named the subjects Arnold, Bertrand and Carlotta after two uncles and an aunt.

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