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Experimental version of an Irish Classic: Rutabagas A La Geaghan
[NOTE: This recipe is entirely exper

[NOTE: Cooking times must be increased 30% at altitudes over 3,000 feet. As a precaution, safety goggles are highly recommended during every phase of preparation.]

Rutaburgers: In the unlikely event of leftovers, mold into thick "rutaburger" patties, bake for 14 hours at 750 degrees in a prewarmed oven and brown on a grill or frying pan. Serve piping hot in a moat of thick gravy.

[Note: Mixed with gray food coloring, mashed rutabaga leftovers also serve as a reliable substitute for mortar in various masonry applications.]

A Finno-Ugrian Classic: Valamo Rutabagas

Marjatta Ripsaluoma of Vaasa, Finland, provides the following recipe with ancient Finno-Ugrian roots [pun not intended]. It is traditionally served during the Christmas holidays:



[Note: Ms. Ripsaluoma writes that "Valamo is a monastery island on Lake Ladoga, in part what used to belong to Finland before the war. But there is also New Valamo, on the Finnish side, where our friend H. is going to in few days now, to celebrate Christmas."]

["You can pass on the ham," says your editor's daughter, a passionate vegetarian. --Editor]

Horticultural Information on the Rutabaga: More useful background information, with a simple recipe for microwaved rutabagas.

Nutritional Information

The busy laboratories of the American Root Farmers Federation (ARFF) have confirmed the findings on the nutritional content of certain root vegetables previously reported in "The Complete Book of Vitamins and Minerals for Health," published by "Prevention" magazine. And once again, the rutabaga triumphs easily over its competitors. The specifics follow:

[DISCLAIMER: ARSI neither warrants nor implies any health benefits arising from the presence of trace elements, actinides or lanthanides in rutabagas.]

Marketing the Rutabaga

Despite the strong nutritional findings reported above, the American public remains woefully unaware of the true virtues of the rutabaga. The latest statistics for market share (August, 1997) of the Big Five, reproduced below, remain extremely discouraging:

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